Feature Film

Podia Ter Esperado por Agosto


313 Features

Boom Operator

Jérémy Pouivet

Sound Direction 

Pedro Adamastor

Additional Boom Operator

Pedro Balazeiro


César Mourão


William Sossai


César Mourão
Kévin Dias
Júlia Palha
João Reis
Marco Paiva
Vera Moura
Luísa Cruz
Carla Vasconcelos
Dinarte Branco
Manuel Cavaco
António Fonseca
Pedro Lacerda


In a remote village in the interior of the country, a man in love (César Mourão) and his best friend (Kevin Dias) devise a plan, without any reason, to attract his beloved woman (Júlia Palha) from Lisbon. Against all expectations, the plan works and the real problems begin, creating a romantic comedy where two worlds collide.