Television Series

Operación Marea Negra 3


Ficción Producciones
Ukbar Filmes

Boom Operators // Portugal Unit

Jérémy Pouivet
Pablo VA

Sound Direction 

Kiko Abarquero

2nd Unit Sound Mixer

Miguel Seixo


Igor Legarreta
Oskar Santos
João Maia


Patxi Amezcua
Natxo López


Imanol Nabea


Jorge López
Mina El Hammani
Soraia Chaves
Lúcia Moniz 
Pepê Rapazote
Oscar Jaenada
Bruno Gagliasso
Diego Anido
Luis Zahera
Daniel Ibañez
Miguel de Lira
Patrica Vico
Belén Lopez


The disappearance of an important shipment of fentanyl puts Fernando Barreira, now the most popular intermediary between America and Europe, in the worst situation: having to answer to both parties. From here, Nando has a mission against the clock, to recover lost credit with those who trusted him, as well as to escape the police who have been following the trail for months.
A suicide mission where preserving prestige and freedom is the least important thing.