Daily Program

Festival Músicas do Mundo'18


LOOP Audiovisual


RTP África

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Jérémy Pouivet


Paulo Coutinho Dias
Ana Marques Dias
Joana Linhares


Elisabete Moreira


Flávia Brito


9 daily programs and a full resume of the Festival de Músicas do Mundo, at Sines, which happens from July 19 to 28, with a summary of the shows, interviews with the musicians, live recordings of the concerts and highlights of the festival, and small reports about everything that surrounds the public event.
This festival takes place in the historic centers of two towns in the municipality of Sines: the town of Sines (stages of the Castle, Vasco da Gama Avenue, Sines Arts Center and Largo Poeta Bocage) and the village of Porto Covo.