Television Series

Rabo de Peixe


Ukbar Filmes

Boom Operators

Jérémy Pouivet
José Maria Lopes

Sound Direction 

Pedro Adamastor

2nd Unit Sound Mixer

Bruno Sopa
Vasco Pedroso

2nd Unit Boom Operator

Ricardo Silva


Augusto Fraga
Patrícia Sequeira

Series Writing

Augusto Fraga
Hugo Gonçalves
João Tordo


Pandora da Cunha Telles
Pablo Iraola
Augusto Fraga


André Szankowski


José Condessa
Helena Caldeira
Rodrigo Tomás
André Leitão
Maria João Bastos
Pepê Rapazote
Albano Jerónimo
Salvador Martinha
Kelly Bailey
Adriano Carvalho
Afonso Pimentel
Luísa Cruz
Dinarte Freitas
David Medeiros
Frederico Amaral
Marcantónio Del Carlo
Rafael Morais
Daniela Ruah
Romeu Bairos


Nothing happens in the small Azorean town of Rabo de Peixe until a ton of cocaine arrives in the shoreline, completely changing the lives of its inhabitants.
Eduardo, a young fisherman, and his best friends improvise a business with what arrives from the Atlantic Ocean.But a ton of cocaine does not go unnoticed and our protagonists will face the owners of this drug, the police and a series of unpredictable characters in a dangerous adventure with no return.