Television Series

Cavalos de Corrida


Ukbar Filmes

Boom Operators

Marcus Rovisco
Jérémy Pouivet
Gil Fidalgo
Luís Figueiredo
João Gazua

Sound Direction 

Pedro Melo
Max Luís Motrena


André Santos
Marco Leão

Series Writing

André Santos
Marco Leão


Pandora da Cunha Telles
Pablo Iraola


Hugo Azevedo


Tomás Alves
Teresa Tavares
Maria João Pinho
Miguel Guilherme
Filipa Areosa
Miguel Borges
Ana Cristina de Oliveira
João Vicente
Soraia Chaves
Paulo Calatré
Inês Sá Frias


1981. Domingos uses his sawmill to illegally copy his customers' keys.
Olinda follows them and, disguised as a cream seller, assesses the contents of their rooms. Together, they start a wave of robberies with the aspiration of one day buying the house of their dreams. On the surface, everything seems to be going well for them. They are in love and cannot live without each other. Their lives get complicated when the mysterious Orlando proposes robbing a bank vault.